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To help merchants accelerate profits by installing and servicing simple “cashless payment systems”, while promoting their new and existing products and services in an exceptional manner. will efficiently integrate appropriate new marketing concepts and technologies with merchants’ long term core business offerings and technologies, and provide meaningful training.

The teams are masters at app development and interactive marketing. Our inventions include corporations like LLC, LLC, and Inc. (all three in the 2012 INC500 list of America’s Fastest Growing Corporations).

We have numerous other past successful corporations and charities illustrating our skills, which you can review at Mann also wrote a popular business book you can download free at or purchase at Amazon and a comprehensive free site at explaining our intended methodologies for each corporation. Google “Mike Mann” for additional information on our business and charitable activities.

Over the next ten years millions of merchants will enhance their offerings by accepting payments through nontraditional means, mainly with smart phones and pads, plus integrating the newest and best marketing and technology (from contenders like: Apple/Microsoft/Amazon/Google’s online wallets, apps, QR codes, pay by text, Facebook commerce, gift cards, Intuit cashless integration, PayAnywhere, ISIS integration, Veriphone, iPad integration, PayPal payments, cashless bill paying, barcodes, Belly app, swipe payments, Boku, Bitcoin, SpotOn, Dwolla services, Buyster, Paybox, Stripe services, biometrics, pay by Tweet, RFID, GPS, near field communications [NFC], etc.). They will need the assistance of the excellent consultants and services provided by

Cashless commerce also applies to online, TV and radio merchant offerings, not merely brick and mortar stores, because those goods can also be purchased either online or via other cashless technologies.

Flexible, efficient new payment systems will definitively help businesses increase their revenues, making them ever more competitive and profitable. Current case studies suggest merchants are more impressed than they expected due to shorter lines, higher tickets and numerous other documented advantages of going cashless.

Our well-trained sales and consulting force will offer simple, flexible, scalable (and therefore permanent) merchant solutions, which are decidedly low cost and efficient, and therefore have a fast return on investment.

The idea is to shield the customer from an array of technical confusion and wasted time while attempting to establish a long term trusting bond with our staff, excellent “” brand affinity, and long term clear contractual relationships and referrals.

To garner long term brand affinity will offer free preliminary consulting, a free web community with extensive content and similar users, free window stickers, free branded giftcards, free web/phone apps, free API and training, and other free information to help merchants profit from cashless services. The service we will sell is consulting on cashless service systems, with a percentage of merchant fees possibly in later stages.

Cashless payment systems should also be integrated with best practices in RFID and GPS geo-targeting to support contextual timely marketing offers, garnering a higher customer conversion rate and value at a lower cost. will be managed by a president in the US and a general manager in the Philippines, ultimately with sales management in the field in 4 states: Utah, California, New York, and Florida.

The president will control the company with the CEO and board, and delegate as much as possible to leadership, as described in the company “org chart”.

The sales and marketing paradigm will be managed by 4 leaders:

VP of Online Leadgen (includes social, webdev, seo, ppc, apps, online partners, content, webinars, newsletters, blogs);

VP of Conversion (this person is in charge of the lead once they come in the door via online processes or appointment setting calls, i.e., whatever inbound leads that hit the phones or forms, maximizing best practices of and sales practices at and (This person manages the forms, A/B tests, email responses, salespeople speech, and text, and conversion ideas and tests, manages inbound phone bank)

VP of Upselling (more of the service suite), Cross-selling (our family services), Retention (keeping a client is cheaper), & Referrals (get them to refer more).

VP of Outbound Field Sales (who manages real salespeople that generate their own leads on the phone and in person and close their own deals, not online leads unless the rep generated them personally – new people in new cities for example).

General Manager/PH will manage a well-tuned variety of teams in Philippines, which all fit in org chart and business plan, and like with all projects each task placed in management system, to share and evolve and complete with other stakeholders.

Forbes article on

Fortune Magazine article

Forrester – “Mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by 2016. While this represents a compounded annual growth rate of 39% from 2011 to 2016, mobile commerce is only expected to be 7% of overall eCommerce sales by 2016.” TechCrunch.- “eBay Forecasts $8B In Mobile Commerce Volume In 2012; PayPal Will Reach $ 7B.”


Econsultancy – “M-commerce is not ‘the next big thing’, it’s already an established trend in online retailing that’s set to change how consumers approach online shopping.” comScore MobiLens – “The number of U.S. smartphone subscribers surpassed the 100-million mark in January, up 13 percent since October to 101.3 million subscribers. Google Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 48.6 percent market share (up 2.3 percentage points) followed by Apple with 29.5 percent market share (up 1.4 percentage points). RIM ranked third with 15.2 percent.”

“ Square is going after point-of-sale terminals used in retailers small and large, a business now dominated by hardware makers such as VeriFone and NCR (NCR). Register also allows retailers to keep track of their customers and inventory (think lightweight enterprise software) and to offer loyalty deals and discounts (think Groupon (GRPN) but better targeted). Register also delivers analytics that tell merchants what their customers buy and when they buy it — the kind of data that, until now, only large offline retailers could afford to track.”

Google’s competing Wallet app “connects to registers via a gentle bump of your phone.” Cashless payment systems with related marketing and technological opportunities will grow precipitously over the next ten years. The team is uniquely qualified to build in this space.

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